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Siste nyheitsbrev frå Terry English og Josiah Venture. Oppdatert 16.08.2021.

Terry, Hanka, Míša and Sammy in the Czech Republic
Camp Update and Thank You!

Thank you for praying with us!

 Three weeks ago I sent a mail from camp asking you to pray for us - and we felt the power of those prayers! 

 We're sorry we did not have a chance to communicate directly after the camp - we got home (very tired!) late on Saturday evening, and Sunday morning quickly packed our bags and left for vacation!

 As I mentioned in the previous email, the camp was very special for us for so many reasons - young people were leading parts of the camp for the first time, young believers were sharing the Gospel and small groups for the first time, and many young people were hearing the good news of Jesus for the first time. 
Nelča and Jana both shared the gospel with their respective parents (you may remember that Nelča's mum, Sylva - also above -  came to Christ through Ostrava Sings the Gospel). They also did an amazing job of leading the choir and raising a new group of younger conductors!  
Three young people make the decision to follow Jesus at the camp, (praise God!), and most of the campers told us they want to know more about Jesus. Every Thursday since camp, we have had follow up Bible "SEEK" studies attended by over 20 young people - the picture below was taken last week.

 Many of these young people came to camp having no idea there is a God who loves them and wants a relationship with them, so please be praying that as we continue to read the Bible together more of these young people also put their faith in Christ.   
The final concert was also a great success, and a great opportunity to meet parents for the first time. We feel that the door is also open to building relationships with some of these parents.... one the girls who accepted Jesus told her dad on the way home from camp. He and his wife sometimes play volleyball with Hanka and myself and attend our neighbourhood grill parties - after the concert he told me that even though he is not a Christian he is thankful his daughter made this decision, and would like to hear more himself - now we are back in Ostrava I am looking forward to meeting with him!
Míša and Sammy also really enjoyed the camp. Míša again played piano in the band and participated in the drama workshop.  Sammy continued to learn the drums and was part of a group which created an amazing "stomp" (see video below!). During the week Míša also learned how to run the sound desk, and by the end of the week was confidently running the sound by herself during some of the program!

 Below you can see Míša and Sammy in action, and a video of the Stomp.    

Family Vacation

 After camp we headed for vacation - a week canoeing with 4 other families (our annual tradition!) then a very restful week alone by the beach in Croatia and in the beautiful Slovene mountains. 

 Now we are back in Ostrava, working (Terry is focussing on the fall youth leader "ReCharge" event), meeting with teenagers (we had a house full of them last night!) and Hanka is putting the finishing touches on the next camp she is leading which starts on August 10th. 

Things to Pray For
•Give thanks for an amazing camp experience with a wonderful team
•Pray for the 3 new believers, that they would grow in their faith and commitment
•Pray for the other teenagers (and their parents) who are searching - that they wold be found by their loving saviour
•Pray for Hanka's next camp - the new believers she has been discipling this year will all be serving at the camp!
•Pray the rest of the summer woudl be a healthy balance of rest, fun and work!

Join our Ministry Partner Team!

 God continues to be faithful in providing for our needs - just last week we received 2 unexpected gifts - thank you!

 Even so, our currently monthly pledged support is only 56% of the total we need to stay on active in ministry long term. One of our goals for this year is to raise that to 100%. If you have not yet joined our monthly partnership team, could you please prayerfully consider doing so? We would love for you to be a part of our ministry here in Central and Eastern Europe!

 You can click on the orange button to see how easy it is to do so! 
 Support By Giving

Thank You for Empowering Us

Your support means so much for our family and this movement of God. Thank you for being a part of it! 

 God Bless!
The English Family
Terry, Hanka, Míša and Sammy 

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